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Introduction of MuseScore (Open Source software) book for Beginners' sheet music creation. #musescore #music

 MuseScore is the open source software for create, play (including Electone) , and artistic print sheet music. It's good free software and it supports various OS, such as Windows, Macintosh, UNIX distributions. Especially, there is the active support forum.

 There are some web sites for handling the MuseScore, such as MuseScore Handbook (Japanese, English, and so many other languages) and blogs. However, I think that the book "「Muse Score」ではじめる楽譜作成" (MuseScore for  Beginners' sheet music creation)  is the first publication in Japanese.

Oh!  According to the MuseScore Books (MuseScore official site), this book is the first release in the world  for version 2.0 !?

For version 2.0

Yes, the book has been fully supported.
One month ago, the MuseScore version 2.0 was released (March 24, 2015).
I know that the author (my wife) had been making efforts to fully update all contents for version 2.0.

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April 30, 2015 @kimipooh

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