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Congratulation! The cloud founding project for filling up books in Ogijima Library was achieved!! #ogijima

Project Site:

First of all, I would like to say, "Congratulation for the project successful!".
My contribution is a few, but I was able to experience that it's possible for many persons' wish to become great power.

I would like to spread my friend's great project, so I tried to translate in English.

Ogijima Island

Big Festival: Setouchi International Art Festival ( )

Project Introduction

This is the project for filling up books in Ogijima Library (small isolate island / 180 persons).
In 2014 year, Ogijima's elementary school and intermediate school was started again by coming back some families (including my friend).

- Special topics, "Back in Ogijima's elementary school and intermediate school": (RITOKEI News)

They were made efforts to inform a fabulousness of books using the bookmobile. They are making efforts to construct the Library in Ogijima. And they hope to fill up books until summer season, 2015 as soon as possible. I think that it's wonderful trial!

They began to collect contributions using the cloud funding method.
When 1.5 million yen is collected, the project will be able to be finished.
(If 1.5 million yen is not collected, the payment won't be done.)
If you have interests, please see the web site.

[Deadline]: July 28, 2015.

Period: 60 days.
Goal: 500 books (1.5 million yen)

The target figure (1.5 million yen) was able to be achieved for only 24 days.
Thus, they aimed new achievement.

Goal: 1,000 books and Audio book reader (DAISY / Digital Accessible Information System) for visually-impaired persons (2.4 million yen)


According to the report, the cloud founding project for filling up books in Ogijima Library was achieved!! The project exceeded the target of 1.5 million yen (total 2.335 million yen / 205 persons).

29th July, 2015 @kimipooh

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